Power supplies laboratory with  adjustment stabilised by constant output voltage and a current ( to use in quality charging devices)  
  Power supplies with possibility of installation output voltage   and a current (additional terminals for connection of the storage battery (AB) in buffer)  

Power supplies- charger  including  galvano-technical processes setting high stability output current and voltage, characteristic of I/U)

  Power supplies of the stabilised voltage for maintenance of an uninterrupted power supply of equipment on courts (fastening on a vertical wall).  The certificate ¹ رزر-12-3-038-14 the Register of navigation of Ukraine  
  Uninterrupted power supply for automatic telephone exchange  
  Uninterrupted power supply UPS (Uin~220V, Uout~220V, 50Hz)  
  DC / AC (inverters)  
  DC/DC converters  
  Control Systems (CS) antennas  
  Automatic chargers  

Electrical measuring instruments
  Other products